Body Resolutions Therapeutic Massage


I was first introduced to massage in 1983. I attended Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in Phoenix, AZ. While attending PTMC, I maintained a perfect academic score and was, therefore, able to go to ASU’s medical school and participate in studying the cadavers alongside the medical students. It was a life-changing experience! I was sold out on helping people feel their best while living in their bodies on this planet. While working in Arizona, I was nationally certified as a licensed massage therapist. I devoted my free time to participating in local health fairs and healthcare events, sharing the benefits of massage on healing/balancing the human body. Moving back to Seattle in 1996, I went to Brenneke School of Massage, where I tested out of their highly reputable massage program. I received my Washington state license as a massage practitioner. Considered a medical massage therapist for the last 20 years, I am highly effective at treating injuries to the head/neck, shoulders, and low back. My massage treatments relieve arm/elbow and leg/knee muscle conditions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, and TMJ dysfunction are some of the specialized areas I have been trained to treat. I have given over 30,000 massages (that number is mind-blowing to me as I write this!!!). I value educating my clients on how they can support their unique rehabilitation. I offer breathing/stretching routines and other self-care options. I encourage my clients to actively participate in their healing journeys with compassion and deftness. Whether an acute injury or a chronic problem, I have succeeded in calming the body down and alleviating problematic conditions. My goal is to provide the best results possible in the time I am given and to promote long-term well-being.